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Research shows that beauty is powerfully beneficial. Research also clearly illustrates the importance of the mind body connection, highlighting the correlation of a beautiful and creative environment with enhanced well-being.

Elizabeth Robinson is a Specialist in the Fine Art of Health combining years of education and working experience as an artist and a registered nurse. This rare and useful combination allows deep insight into the synergy and psychology of beauty and healing as well as practical understanding of therapeutic environments.

She knows from experience providing the best care for patients and families means understanding the psychology of healing. In our technologically driven age it is primary that healthcare recognize the ineffable and mysterious in healing and the connection between artistry and optimal outcomes. This requires striving for greater balance between treating the body and nurturing the spirit. In stressful situations particularly, beautiful and thoughtful environments offer respite, clarity and hope. The best healthcare is collaborative and creative. Environments that manifest this understanding can be a catalyst to igniting the spark of creative, and holistic healing for patients, their loved ones and the staff entrusted with their care.

As an artist specialist Elizabeth Robinson collaborated with Kolar Design to create a thematic and cohesive art program for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Same Day Surgery Unit. The program was designed to provide dynamic beauty for that environment and engage the broadest community outreach possible.

“This project took a highly functioning unit that environmentally needed updating and renovation and suffered from no integration of artwork and theme. The theme provided a clear uplifting and engaging message of bringing the comforting natural world into the hospital setting”. The Family Centered Care Center at Cincinnati Children’s “wanted to focus on showcasing art as part of the healing process. The new areas speak to the environment complimenting the artwork, and how this new space captures a beautiful engaging artwork program.” - HealthCare Design Magazine

This project garnered honors in two categories: Pediatric Environment and Art Facility Program by HealthCare Design Magazine selected panel of architects, designers, educators and readers, to be given the highest marks and ranked among the top three projects in its class in the nation.


“Ideally, seeking health means participation in a fundamentally creative and collaborative process

involving the one seeking, and those invited to facilitate that process.

Dynamic and Beautiful Art within healing environments speak to this broader view-

acknowledging and respecting this mind-body connection

and offering through beauty a portal to inner rejuvenation and creativity.

Inspiring works of beauty offer these benefits to the entire spectrum of health seekers and those entrusted with serving their needs.”

Elizabeth Robinson

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